About Steve

Steve was born in New York City in 1953 and grew up on Long Island. After receiving a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, he was an educator for eighteen years. Steve and his spouse of forty-four years, Rande, moved to the area in 1994 and they have lived in District II for the past 20 years. For eleven years, Steve was an administrator for the Broward County Cultural Division where he worked closely with elected officials and business leaders to further the quality of life in all of Broward’s major cities.

Closer to home, Steve has served on Fort Lauderdale’s Beach Redevelopment Advisory Board and the Planning and Zoning Board where he grew to understand the importance of building consensus. Over his many years in various civic leadership positions, including President of the Broward Trust for Historic Preservation, Steve has come to understand how vital Neighborhood Associations are in our City’s civic and economic development. This understanding was driven home time and time again in Steve’s seven-year tenure as the President of the Central Beach Alliance where he worked in close partnership with many of the City’s most prominent neighborhood and business leaders.

Steve is running for the City Commission because, unfortunately, not everyone has a seat at the table and not all neighborhoods are treated fairly. In particular, over the last few years, he has witnessed a disconnect between residents and the City Commission. He will work to ensure that we have civility, reason and fiscal responsibility restored to the City Commission.


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